1884 US Morgan Dollar Coin Ring

1884 US Morgan Dollar Coin Ring


This beautifully hand crafted coin ring made from a US Morgan Dollar is truly a work of art. This ring makes a big, bold statement!

The Silver Dollar is an interesting coin because even though it had its undeniable place in the advancement of US currency, it is no longer being produced. Of the many different styles of the coin produced by the US Mint, few are more popular than the Morgan Silver Dollar, which was introduced to the market towards the end of the 19th century. This coin was so loved because of its extravagant design that superseded the designs of previous editions.

The obverse of the coin consists of Liberty facing left, hair in a Phrygian cap, and LIBERTY inscribed on a ribbon or band holding a spray of leaves and sheaves. E PLURIBUS UNUM is above, seven stars are to the left, six stars are to the right, and the date is below. 

On the reverse side is an eagle with wings spread holding a branch and three arrows. IN GOD WE TRUST appears in Old English letters above. Surrounding is the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and ONE DOLLAR.