1890 Newfoundland 20 Cent Coin Ring

1890 Newfoundland 20 Cent Coin Ring


Where is Newfoundland? It is a large Canadian island off the east coast of the North American mainland. It is an island that makes really beautiful coins and the 20 cent coin is one of its best.


This 1890 Newfoundland 20 Cent Coin Ring is a gorgeous product of this coin. Truly a work of art


The first known pattern for the Newfoundland 20-cent piece is a bronze strike with an obverse derived from a New Brunswick coin.  The reverse is from the die for the 1864 New Brunswick 20-cents. The twenty-cent denomination was very popular in Newfoundland and was minted on a consistent basis throughout the reign of Queen Victoria. Over the years the piece became unpopular with Canadians as it was easily confused with the Canadian 25-cent piece, which was similar in size and shape. Pressured by Canada, the government replaced it with a twenty-five cent coin during World War I.

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