1896 South African Sixpence Coin Ring

1896 South African Sixpence Coin Ring


This beautifully hand crafted coin ring made from an 1896 South African Sixpence coin is truly a work of art.

The obverse of the 1896 African sixpence has a bearded bust of President Johannes Paulus Kruger. On the reverse of the coin is the central denomination dividing date within an olive wreath with the legend above.

Lettering on the coin is:
18 6 92

Translation: Z.A.R = Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek = South African Republic

Engraver: Otto Schultz

Johannes Paulus Kruger (1825-1904) was a prominent Boer leader against British rule and president of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republic (1883-1902) which later became the Transvaal Colony under British rule and then the Transvaal Province of the Union of South Africa.