1897 City of Hobart Queen Vic 60Y Reign Coin Ring

1897 City of Hobart Queen Vic 60Y Reign Coin Ring


This beautifully hand crafted coin ring made from a special 1897 City of Hobart Queen Vic coin which commemorates Queen Victoria's 60 years of reighn. This ring is truly a work of art.


A gilt bronze medal issued by the City of Hobart to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897. It was struck by Stokes & Sons. Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee was celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the British Empire. It prompted many Australian local governments to issue commemorative medals.

On the obverse of the coin is a conjoined head of Victoria of 1837 and veiled bust of Victoria of 1897; around lettering - QUEEN VICTORIA'S 60TH. YEAR OF REIGN * 1837 TO 1897 *

The reverse side of the coin depicts a view of Hobart Town Hall with lettering * CITY OF HOBART *; below, J.G. DAVIES, MAYOR.

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