1918 UK Shilling Trench Coin Ring

1918 UK Shilling Trench Coin Ring


This beautifully hand crafted coin ring made from a stirling silver 1918 UK Shilling will certainly draw a crowd. Truly a work of art.


What is a trench ring? It was a ring made in the second World War. A simple hand made band, slowly fashioned from a coin. Trench rings would have been made by a soldier, during downtime, using what he had in his pocket. Often resting the coin on the butt of their rifles, they would use a spoon to continuously hammer the coin, which is constantly being rotated, until it flares out. They would then hammer a hole in the middle to make a ring and send it home to their loved ones.

This trench coin ring has been made, using a similar method, from a 1918 UK Shilling.

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