1936 Australian Florin Trench Coin Ring

1936 Australian Florin Trench Coin Ring


Fair Dinkum this coin ring is almost more than a koala can bear!


This beautifully hand crafted coin trench ring made from a sterling silver 1936 Australian Florin Coin is truly a work of art.

What is a trench ring? It was a ring made in the second World War. A simple hand made band, slowly fashioned from a coin. Trench rings would have been made by a soldier, during downtime, using what he had in his pocket. Often resting the coin on the butt of their rifles, they would use a spoon to continuously hammer the coin, which is constantly being rotated, until it flares out. They would then hammer a hole in the middle to make a ring and send it home to their loved ones.

This trench coin ring has been made, using a similar method, from a 1936 Australian Florin coin.

The obverse of the 1936 Australian Florin coin features the crowned bust of the monarch, facing left.

The reverse of the coin features the Coat of Arms of Australia.