1951 Bhutan 1 Pice Coin Ring

1951 Bhutan 1 Pice Coin Ring


This beautifully hand crafted coin ring made from a 1951 Bhutan 1 Pice coin is truly a work of art.

The obverse of the 1951 Bhutan 1 cent coin features symbols in eight segments surround a Bhutanese legend in the centre. The symbols (from top left going clockwise) are:

1) Wheel of Dharma
2) Umbrella of sovereignty
3) Golden fish of good fortune
4) Conch shell
5) Lotus
6) Treasure vase
7) Endless knot (Emblem of endless birth)
8) Victory banner

There are two variants : small and large fish eye

Lettering: འབྲུག

Translation: Bhutan

The reverse of the coin features a square in the centre, with three sections containing buddh, symbols and one with the letters “sa” (earth).