1995 Portugal 200 Esc  Coin Ring

1995 Portugal 200 Esc Coin Ring


Bold and beautiful!


This beautifully hand crafted coin ring made from a 1995 Portugal 200 Esc coin is truly a work of art.

This circulating commemorative coin is part of the VI Portuguese Discoveries Series and features Australia.

On the obverse of the coin is the shield of Portugal and globe, or armillary sphere, date, value and the name of the country below. The lettering reads: ‘REPUBLICA PORTUGUESA 1995 200 ESC’

On the reverse of the coin are three ships, caravelles, sailing left over a map and a silhouette of Australia. The date refers to the controversial discovery and reconnaissance of Australia by a Portuguese sailor, Cristovao de Mendonca, long before the Dutsch Janszoon in 1606. The lettering reads: ‘AUSTRALIA 1522-1522 INCM ISABEL C.-F.BRANCO’.