1776 US Continental Currency Replica Coin Ring

1776 US Continental Currency Replica Coin Ring


This gorgeous coin ring is as Bold as Brass.

Made from a 1776 US Continental Currency Replica coin, this ring is something to behold with its beautiful antique brass finish. Truly a work of art!

1776 was a momentous year for the thirteen American Colonies. On July 4 of that year, delegates to the Continental Congress signed a Declaration of Independence, sending notice to England and the rest of the world that the Colonies would submit no longer to outside governance and interference. In recognition of the solidarity of the Colonies and their assumption of the right as a sovereign entity to coin their own monies, plans were made to issue a Silver Dollar.

The design elements of this coin employ the medieval symbols of the Sun with Face (God or Time personified), while the sundial with FUGIO refers to Time or the Sun which is fleeing, so one must use Time or daylight hours, wisely. The motto, MIND YOUR BUSINESS means just that. On the reverse, each state is noted or abbreviated on a chain link, thirteen of which encircle the reverse, with the centre circle surrounded by glory rays with AMERICAN CONGRESS surrounding WE ARE ONE at the very centre. The original coin could be worth around $350,000.

This replica coin has been created for the purpose of creating a beautiful brass coin ring.