1932 Indian One Pice Coin Ring

1932 Indian One Pice Coin Ring


This beautifully hand crafted coin ring is made from a 1932 Indian 1 Pice coin. The rich copper colour of this coin will complement any outfit in your wardrobe. You will be the envy of all your friends! It is truly a work of art.


Note: this coin ring is made of copper so could discolour your finger.

The obverse of the 1932 Indian 1 Pice coin has a star within a crescent moon, crossed swords and shield, with the date below inside the circle. The Persian legend within the circle:"Sanah hijri 1350". The legend outside the circle:"hiz hainess nawab muhammad sa'adat ali khan sahib bahadur, wali riasat tonk". The lettering is: ۱۳۵۰ (translation: The year 1350 Hejira (outside circle) His Highness Nawab Muhammad Sa'adat Ali Khan Sahib Bahadur, Sovereign of the State, Tonk).

The reverse side of the coin has a leaf mark with the date below. The legend in Persian within circle: (above leaf mark)"ek paisa",
(below leaf mark) "sanah iswy 1932". The legend outside the circle:"Bi'ahdi malikah muazam qaiser-i-hind - George pancham". The lettering is: 
یک پي

One paisa (above leaf mark)
(below leaf mark) In the Chrstian year 1932
(Outside circle) In the time of the Honoured ruler Emperor of India - George V