Newfoundland 50 Cent Replica Coin Ring

Newfoundland 50 Cent Replica Coin Ring


Where is Newfoundland? It is a large Canadian island off the east coast of the North American mainland. It is an island that makes really beautiful coins and the 50 cent coin is one of its best.


This Newfoundland 50 Cent Coin Ring has been made from a replica of the coin and is truly a work of art!


Note: this coin ring is made of brass so could discolour your finger.

The Newfoundland fifty cent coin was the last denomination to be added to the Victorian coinage. Its first year of issue was 1870. The laureate portrait is stylistically unlike anything used for the rest of British North America. The denomination became very popular and assumed importance after the failure of the Commercial and Union Banks of Newfoundland during the financial crisis of 1894.